Where Can I see Dr Thornton-Bott?

Dr. Paul Thornton-Bott is an accredited Orthopaedic Surgeon at hospitals in both Sydney and on the South Coast. We can offer the option of being operated on in Sydney or in the Shoalhaven. You can combine the locations for pre-assessment, surgery and rehab.

In all cases, your health and recovery is the most important focus, we will discuss fully with you what we feel would benefit the most so you can decide the most appropriate location for your surgery and rehabilitation. We like to get you home quickly, where you should feel the most comfortable.

Sydney Consulting Locations

Dr. Thornton-Bott has Sydney rooms in Lindfield and at The Mater Clinic which is adjacent to the Mater Hospital, where he operates. To book a consultation with Dr. Thornton-Bott in either of his Sydney locations please call  .


The Mater Hospital is an Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence and has state-of-the-art theatre facilities and an on-site ICU as well.  This is ideal for patients who have cardiac or respiratory issues who may need a high level of care in the first day or two after their surgery.

You can be seen for clinic appointments, pre-assessment, surgery and rehabilitation or any combination of this, at The Mater.

Many patients will choose to have their surgery at the The Mater Hospital and return to the South coast for their rehabilitation, usually 3-4 days after the operation.

South Coast Consulting Locations

  • 33 Bridge Road
    Nowra, NSW 2541

Clinic Consultations

Dr. Thornton-Bott has rooms in Nowra, Milton and Shellharbour, allowing you to see him in a location suitable for you. (See below for details)

All patients, Private and Public can be seen in any of these locations.  Please call the rooms on to speak to one of our admin staff and arrange an appointment.


If you have insurance

For Privately insured patients, Dr. Thornton-Bott operates at Nowra Private Hospital (NPH) and Shellharbour Private Hospital (SPH).  Both hospitals have excellent rehabilitation facilities and you can have your surgery where it suits you and your rehab too.  Some patients will have their surgery at Shellharbour Private Hospital and finish their rehab in Nowra.

Public Patients

Dr. Thornrton-Bott holds a position at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital and you can see him in his rooms and be added to the Public Waiting list. He sees fracture patients at the hospital in the Fracture Clinic for the initial management of their injuries. Elective (non-urgent) patients will be seen in rooms.  He sees some bulk-billed patients. However, these appointments are limited and fill quickly, so there is likely to be a longer wait for non-acute conditions.

Patients in remote areas

Dr Thornton-Bott is hoping soon to be able to offer a Telemedicine Appointment, please see the special tab for this in patient resources.

All Patients

Please discuss with us what you feel will be the best arrangement for you as this will aid your recovery and we will do our best to facilitate your request. We will support your treatment plan with your insurer, but you will need to agree this with your Insurance Provider as well.

Procedure Locations


Fax: 02 8901 4305

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  • The Mater Hospital, Sydney, North Sydney
  • Shellharbour Private Hospital
  • Nowra Private Hospital
  • Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital
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